Seedling City

April4 (1024x768)This is the best time of the year.  The greenhouse is full of pricked out seedlings, germinating pots of seeds and those yet to leap into action.  It all involves a daily reshuffle to make sure everyone is getting enough/not too much light/heat.  I restrict myself to checking for germination every other day otherwise I would be forever examining every pot for a glimpse of green.  Whether they are marigolds or mutisia every time its a small miracle.  Of course there are favorites that get preferential treatment, usually seed obtained from RHS or HPS.   We also have set backs such as the mice who nibble the tops, fungus gnats who nibble the roots and damping off which prefers to attack the soft middle.   On the whole though it is a very rewarding experience enabling us to produce plants cheaply and on our own terms.   The joy is that you don’t need a  big greenhouse to get these rewards, most people have a window sill that will provide similar conditions and the thrill is just the same.  When I don’t get an adrenalin rush when I find a pot of seed germinating then it is definitely time for me to find a new profession.


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