Mizzle and Melianthus

April5 (1024x768)The weather was miserable today, miserable mizzle all day.  However looking on the bright side of things I had a great greenhouse day.  Lots of sorting out; lining things up, on reflection in a slightly disturbing way; checking the last of the over-winterers and hoiking out the definitely dead from the “may be dead but still giving you a chance” department.  Extremely cathartic.  Also had a slow walk around the garden checking for signs of life in the late starters.  Unfortunately I do not have one of the machines Dr McCoy had on Star Trek so have to rely on swelling buds, tiny signs of green hope.  The above Melianthus major has come through the winter again and looked very pretty with droplets of mist.  Another thumbs up went to our white Iochroma (probably cyaneum) just showing the tiniest hint of a bud breaking.   Still a few to go though, fingers crossed!


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