Magnolia soulangeana Alba

April6 (1024x768) A beautiful spring day, an early morning visit from Josh, some lovely guests bearing gifts and the magnolia looking at its wonderful best. What more could you ask for? Well the weeds could give us a break for once!  Here comes the science ….. Take some warm weather, add a good dose of rain, look in the other direction for 10 minutes and the result is instant germination followed by rapid growth of approximately a million weeds seeds.   To be honest I don’t mind weeding, gives you a chance to check out what’s going on at close quarters and has a definite therapeutic quality.  Theres many a problem been solved whilst weeding!



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4 responses to “Magnolia soulangeana Alba

  1. Well Gill it is always Magnolia stellata that reminds me of you. I find that plants remind me of people and that one is yours. Mental pic of you – wellies, cup of tea, – nightie in the garden first thing in the morning checking out the magnolia to see if it is in flower yet!

  2. Dee

    The gardens looking great – keep up the good work, I will be making a secret shopper visit soon!

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