Fennel leaved dandelion

April9 (1024x768)

I thought this cheeky dandelion poking his head up through the bronze fennel foliage was funny.  Maybe funny just to gardeners.  Maybe funny just to me.  We seem to have a lot of dandelions in the garden at the moment, they appear out of nowhere overnight.  Don’t get me wrong I love the flowers but they are such a nightmare to get rid of.   What is more I don’t think anyone is believing me when I tell them that we have the national collection of Taraxacum officinale.  It just takes one clock to blow around the garden and there are a thousand more to taunt me.  Usually I pull their heads off (cruel I know) but you will but pleased, I’m sure, to know that this one has been left to shine another day.



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3 responses to “Fennel leaved dandelion

  1. mum

    you do not have to boast about one dandelion i have loads but alas no fennel.

  2. Alex

    There’s a whole field of lovely yellow dandelions just up from me – I’m dreading when they all go to seed. Hope the wind is in the other direction!

    I find Fennel can also be a bit invasive if left to seed!

    • You’re right, this fennel is a self-seeder and totally in the “wrong” place. It is far less stressful to pretend it is in the “right” place! I will keep my fingers crossed for the wind in the right direction for you.

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