Bishops Hat – Epimedium x warleyense

April15 (768x1024)This is my favorite epimedium in garden (at the moment of course).   As shady real estate is our prime market this is the perfect spring flowerer and what a show stopper it is.  It is evergreen but I chop back the old leaves when, after a bit of a rummage,  I can see the first flower buds forming.  This way they can be shown off to their best advantage and soon produce fresh new leaves.

The ongoing list of “We thought they were dead but have proved not” now includes:

  1. Salvia involucrata
  2. Verbena “Seabrook Lavender”
  3.  Brugmansia sanguinea (in greenhouse)

Horrah!  Perhaps next time I will let you know the list of “We thought they were dead and really are”.



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4 responses to “Bishops Hat – Epimedium x warleyense

  1. Alex

    I’ve not been a fan of epimediums til quite recently and, like you say, this is a real show stopper. I’ll be looking out for it in the local nurseries as I’ve got a shady area to develop where it will go rather nicely.

  2. thats one for my ever growing wish list.

  3. mary cooper

    yes they even do well on lime rich soil but the flowers on mine are rather boring: small and yellow like oilseed rape not much competition for laquer-yellow buttercups

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