Fiendish Ferns

April18 (768x1024)Don’t let the title of this post mislead you, I love ferns.  I do however have a couple of problems with them.  They are allegedly extremely difficult to propagate but seem to seed (spore?) themselves into the tiniest places, rapidly forming a dense fibrous root system which takes advance level weeding to extract (and on occasion the Japanese Fighting Trowel).  Secondly it appears that an area of my brain is not properly wired meaning I cannot, however hard I try, identify one fern from another.  I can see they look vaguely different, especially ones such as the hart’s tongue and the fabulous Woodwardia radicans with its wonderful “mini-me’s” at the end of its fronds.  I can even remember some of the names such as Athyrium felix-femina, the Lady Fern, and um well as I said such as Athyrium felix-femina.  But putting names to fronds is a different matter, blank, blank, blank.  Does it really matter?  Probably not in the scheme of things.  And my favorite time is just now, when they are unfurling their perfectly packaged arms to the sky.


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