Terraces and Ticks

April19 (1024x768)Definitely the hottest day of the year so far.  At one point I nearly said “Its too h…” but managed to bite my tongue just in time.  The heat meant it was first outing this season for the cerise pink Cliffe vest.   No chance of blending into the shrubbery wearing this item.  No point in trying to hide, I will always find you Yvonne!

No shorts yet.  Every year I have a battle between fear of ticks and fear of lily-white legs.  The chance of victory in this battle is proportional to how many ticks stories I have heard in the last week (and there are usually a lot) and the ambient temperature.  In my 5 years here I haven’t had a tick .  Given the fact that we have regular deer visitors and other people in the garden have bagged quite a few, this is extremely lucky on my part.  This may mean, according to the law of averages, this year I will be inundated.  I am hoping that I taste horrid and my disfavour (or is that disflavour) will continue.  Forever and ever, please.


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