Rhododendron Pilgrimage

Rhodo loderi

Another beautiful day and it seemed the perfect opportunity to leave the sweltering heat of the lowlands and take a pilgrimage high into the woods to see if the special rhododendron was flowering.  We started off early, no sherpas about so we had to carry our own bodies, and we were joined in the foothills by B & L who had popped in for a visit.  It must have been an whole exhausting 5 minutes later, after a refreshment stop of course, that we reached this magnificant rhododendron which is apparently one of the Loderi Group (not sure which one).   It was looking even more beautiful than I remembered, dark pink in bud and sugar pink in flower, with many more blooms to come.  There was a bit of a scuffle and I had to fight off one particularly bold specimen collector, but the plant was intact when I left it.  Hopped (Lucy) and skipped (all the rest of us) back down the hill.

Then in the afternoon we, at various times including boss lady, boss man and little bosses , all went for another look.  Still couldn’t get anyone to carry me.


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One response to “Rhododendron Pilgrimage

  1. Alex

    She looks quite a flirtacious little lady!

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