Tomato Trial

April25 (768x1024)Another of this season’s milestones last week with the tomatoes being planted out into their final positions in the greenhouse.  For the past couple of years we have planted them in pots with the bottoms cut out, sunk into growbags and this seems to work well for feeding and watering.  In the front of each pot we plant a french marigold plant which in theory keeps the white fly away and has the added benefit of looking pretty.  Last year we had blight in the greenhouse for the first time and it was heartbreaking, so I am going to try some Bordeaux Mix spray as preventative measure when the damp weather arrives (and it will).  I am definitely running out of fingers to cross.

Now for the memory test – we have Pink Brandywine, Ailsa Craig, Cumulus, Gardener’s Delight, Pomodoro, San Marzano, Sungella, Sungold, Earl of Edgecombe, Yellow Stuffer, Yellow Plum, Christel’s Plum, Marmande and we will grow some Gartenperl in pots on the patio.  Whew!  Who wants to come to the Grand Tomato Tasting?


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