Ribes speciosum – Fuchsia Flowered Currant

April27 (1024x768)This plant is another stunner!  Is is a currant or is it a fuchsia?  Well its a currant and a very special currant it is too.  It is deciduous but the foliage arrives early with flowering starting at the beginning of spring and lasting if you are lucky for several months.  The red flowers with their long stamen look like a fuchsia/dicentra hybrid and hang down from the arching branches like rows of washing.  We grow it both against a west facing wall and free-standing in a south facing border and it seems happy in both situations.   On the minus side it does sucker but at present only enough to give us several good specimens in the garden.  The only real downside, and one I am not normally tolerant of, is that it is prickly.  It is however forgiven as the good points hugely outweigh the bad, as I hope you can see.


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One response to “Ribes speciosum – Fuchsia Flowered Currant

  1. Lou Sebok


    This is from Hungary. I have just come across your post on Fuchsia Flowered Currant, the seeds of which I have been looking for a while. I wonder whether you would be willing to collect some seeds for me. I would, of course pay for postage.
    Please let me know and thank you,

    Lou Sebok

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