The View

We had very productive day in the garden today.  One of those days, which are few and far between, when you feel you actually might have a semblance of control.  This feeling is generally short-lived and invariably delusional but is one to be embraced.   Weeds were weeded, planters were planted, potatoes earthed up and plans were made.  It all seemed somehow achievable.   There may even have been skipping.

And then just before close of play I stopped on the lawn to look at the view.   It would be very hard to beat that.



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4 responses to “The View

  1. Alex

    Oh yes. I know that feeling of achievement.
    And the view was amazing for me today as well!

  2. Bosswoman

    I noticed the urns had lost some of their inhabitants – and just as I was leaving the violas to seed! And have you seen the pansies in the front border under the wall?

    • Don’t worry violas now planted in Fragrant Cloud bed and looking lovely. Urns now planted up with summer show of pink dahlias and trailing pelargoniums. Keeping eye on prize (fingers crossed) winning pansies!

      • Bosswoman

        No, I wasn’t worried but must remember to harvest seed in due course. I also had prizes in mind when I spotted the pansies – why didn’t I notice them before?
        Glad to hear the rain arrived – if not quite when you wanted it.
        Have a good weekend.

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