Behold the prodigal plant!  This is Leonotis leonurus, sometimes known as Lion’s Tail or Lion’s Ear, and is a tender South African member of the mint family or Lamiaceae.  It has unusual orangey brown flowers and in theory grows to 1.om tall but I have seen it much taller.  We had been admiring this plant in a friends garden just around the headland and a few weeks later eagle-eyed Hero spotted one on a stall in the High Street.  This was late last summer so not much time to get its roots down and get established.  So we planted it in the Med Bed and, after taking a couple of cuttings, come autumn covered the base with bracken and crossed our fingers.  It has been doing an excellent impression of a dead stick since November.  Then horrah! there is life in the old girl after all.  Even better both cuttings took and are looking ready to join their mum for hopefully a good display.  Watch this space.


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