Stipa gigantea – Giant Feather Grass

We have had a couple of seriously mizzly/drizzly/rainy days.  The light has been low and there has been an unsettling autumnal feel in the air.  Of course positive things have sprung from this dreary weather. The persistence of the rain has meant that at last some moisture is getting into the soil which, speaking as the (self-appointed) representative of the Gobi Desert Association of North Devon, is much-needed.  Our request for rain exclusively between the hours of 19.00 – 05.00 was however ignored.  More impressively, however, a mega-flock of House Martins put on a magnificent show over the sea and into the garden.  I tried to count how many birds but they kept moving!  They darted like midges feeding and squabbling in the sky and at intervals neatly lined up harmoniously on the telegraph wire.

Through all this the Stipa gigantea on the Lawn Bed has held its flowering stems defiantly whilst many other plants in the garden have bowed beneath the weight of moisture.  Definitely what you would call an architectural asset.


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