Security Alert!

Today was a day that Miss Marples could have got her teeth (false possibly) into.  Unfortunately she was surfing at Woolacombe so we had to try and work it all out for ourselves.

At 7.45 on the 20th May 2011 proceeding in a vertical direction on the way to Chez Nous I noticed that one of the fuchsias I had planted last week outside the cottage had disappeared, curious ….  Next whilst doing more proceeding and at the same time strimming the top orchard I noticed a trail lead further upward, curiouser.  When reaching the top of said orchard I noticed that the trail of said beast was disappearing under and through our inpenetrable rabbit fence!!!!!!!  After I had secured the, what we will call ” fence hole”, with gurt big stones from the quarry I realised that the trail was leading to the mysterious what we will call ” enormous ground hole” that Hero located earlier in the week whilst extreme strimming.  Now major curiousity.  So who are the culprits?  Who may we ask are the new kids on the block, the prime suspects, the fearless hoodied gang.  It just has to be the House Martins of course, obvious isn’t it?



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2 responses to “Security Alert!

  1. Alex

    The House Martins! With the feather duster? In the garden room?

    There’s a new game in this, I’m sure!

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