Aquilegia canadensis – Canadian Columbine

This woodland perennial is native to eastern North America.   Aquilegia is so named because the flower spurs resemble an eagles talon, and as I am sure we are all aware, aquila is latin for eagle.  Like most aquilegias it hybrizes freely so hopefully we will get some interesting seedling from this plant.  Now this is a useful piece of information – apparently the seed can be rubbed into the hair to get rid of lice and the flowers can be used in salads although the author can take no responsibility for any hair loss/poorly tummys that result in these activities.  The flowers are much-loved by both butterflies and humming birds, well what with global warming and my international audience (that’s you Dee) I have to give comprehensive information.

Well there is the plant profile.  Now for the cold hard truth.  I planted it in totally the wrong position.  As you can see it is healthy, flowering well and seemingly content in its shaded, free-draining soil.  It is however directly in front of a lovely azalea which is flowering at the same time and is of a very similar colour, hence the poor old columbine is totally lost in the magnificence of the shrub behind.  It will have to be moved, new location yet to be confirmed.


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One response to “Aquilegia canadensis – Canadian Columbine

  1. Bryony

    eagles talons? I love this plant even more now! Might use this interesting fact in the next pub quiz…

    I’ve got a similar problem with one of my new aquilegia – Red Hobbit. Didn’t take into account the dwarf-connotations of his name, and true to form he is being dwarfed by all the tall plants around him. Beautiful flowers though. I foresee a seed exchange coming on…? 😀

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