We had a very nice girls day out shopping today.  I expect you can guess that it was principally for plants although one of our party did purchase a cheese and onion pasty, just to buck the trend.  We went to the local fuchsia nursery which is located up a very steep single track road necessitating the implementation of Peggy’s Prayer.  Much to our relief this worked and we met no cars coming either way.  

Bearing in mind that Bosswoman is a bit of fuchsia freak (in the nicest possible way) it was a trip that had to involve a certain amount of planning.  This was to avoid potential uncontrolled trolley-dash behaviour when faced with row upon row of the above mentioned plants.  This means I made a list.  I even had a pen with which I ticked things off.   I then calmly put the list back in my bag and ………………. whoa lets go!!!!!!

Anyway Bosswoman is partial to pink flowers.


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  1. Bosswoman

    I hope you noticed how extremely restrained I was. I could have exhibited the behaviour you describe but I think I behaved impeccably. Just wait till I go there by myself!

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