And Finally ……. Yellow

This is Bulbinella hookeri which originates in New Zealand and apparently is known as the Maori Onion.  It seeds everywhere and doesn’t seem to turn a hair in any weather conditions.   It is suggested by the “books” to give it protection in winter but I’m afraid it was left to its own devices last winter and is none the worse for it. 

Today was “scorchio” and the first day of the year that I sought work in the shady part of the garden.   Everyone seemed to be making the most of it, the beach was full of laughter, the walkers all had smiles (or were they grimaces) on their faces and the pace seemed to slow down considerably.  The day was rounded off perfectly when the lovely Josh brought me an ice lolly at closing time, yum!


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  1. the hero

    you get all the treats when i’m not there!!!

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