Mutant Marigold

I’m not sure how clear it is from this photograph but this is our very own mutant marigold.  A self-sown plant, easily recognisable as being large healthy and vigorous as opposed to the gardener sown examples which are in comparison weedy and sickly looking.  The weird thing is that whilst most calendula have a single flower head this one has gone compositae mad.  The flower has divided into several flower heads and from the edge of this flower head on 5cm long stalks are a further ring of flowers.  Totally bonkers!  I have forced everyone who comes into the garden to examine this freak and demanded explanations, no one has a clue but those not too disturbed by the experience have oohed and aahhed and said “well I’ve never seen anything like it before”.  My purely scientific explanation is either alien intervention or nuclear waste buried on the site.  Any better suggestions?



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2 responses to “Mutant Marigold

  1. Ashutosh

    Read this for possible explanation:
    Kumar R, Jamwal VVS and Sharma A (2015). Natural occurrence of secondary capitula phenotype in Calendula officinalis L. Journal of Plant Development Sciences, 7(12): 859-862.

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