Rosa “Evelyn”

There is a popular myth that roses and our coastal garden are not happy bedfellow.   This is nonsense and we are expanding our collection year on year.   All we have to do is give them is an annual hard prune, deep mulch, sprinkling of potash and away we go.  A bit of deadheading and when the inevitable black spot rears its head in summer we remove the affected leaves and tidy up below, give another balanced feed and wait for the lovely new growth.  Any greenfly, most are blown away, are squashed.  They will keep flowering until we stop dead-heading them in late autumn.

The above rose is planted in the Pastel Bed, a border created to show Bosswoman that I am capable of subtlety.  Not sure I have convinced her yet, especially after the initial “Orange Incident” (I swear it was apricot).


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  1. Bosswoman

    Have just caught up with a week’s blogs – you are so clever to find so much and such varied subjects to write about. More in proper email later – after the washing etc.

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