Isoplexis sceptrum (deceased)

This is our dead Isoplexis sceptrum.  A strange picture to show perhaps but death is something that happens regularly in the garden.  Obviously we try to keep it to a minimum, and try to confine it to plant life, but on occasion it is inevitable that things die.  This happens for a variety of reasons, severe weather, bad husbandry, pest or disease attack or sometimes just because they have come to the end of their natural life.  The definition of a perennial plant doesn’t mean it will live for ever, just longer than 2 years!   In its heyday this was an unusual and beautiful shrub with flower spikes in a strange cross between brown and orange (sounds horrid but was lovely).   It just couldn’t hack two harsh winters in a row and although it rallied for a while I think the following drought “done for it”.  I have decided not to dig it up yet.  It is still quite beautiful in a Hammer House of Horror way and we will use it as a support for climbers.  We have some Rhodochiton atrosanguinuem coming on in the greenhouse and their purple ear-ring flowers hanging through the gnarled branches will look quite dramatic and perhaps even confuse a few people.


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