The Good?

I’ve always found it disappointing that more children don’t visit the garden.  A garden has much to offer people of all ages, especially those with enquiring minds and a lot of energy to burn off.  These couple of urchins, complete strangers not related to me at all, had great fun running through the woods looking for pine cones, spotting beetles and getting “lost”.

This picture shows them holding their booty beneath of one of our magnificent Monterey Pines, Pinus radiata.  It grows tall and strong here, eventually up to 60m, but in its native California will only reach 15m – 30m high and is often stunted and twisted in exposed conditions.  It is an ideal tree for Cliffe enjoying damp conditions (tick), growing on slopes (tick) and is tolerant to salt spray (tick).  They are very fast growing and live from about 60-80 years which in tree terms isn’t very long.  Unfortunately in the wild it is under serious threat from a fungal disease called Pine Pitch Canker.

By the way check out the blue boots!


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