Straight lines and me

It is said that a true genius can draw a freehand circle.  I am not sure how this relates to someone who can’t mow a straight line.   Once I tried just going round and round the sundial but after the initial euphoria it became incredibly complicated at the edges and I developed a sick headache.  Its not that I don’t try.  In fact I had to pass a straight line mowing test at college and although not top of the class I did OK.  To be honest its not just mowing.  In the past few years the vegetable garden hasn’t been a haven for the parallel line.   I do my best, stand back and yet again am dismayed by the lack of geometry.  When we get to the nitty gritty I suppose it just isn’t important enough to me and my inner rebel triumphs every time.  Basically the only time I succeed in obtaining straight lines is when I’m desperately trying not to, now you should see the bedding!



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2 responses to “Straight lines and me

  1. Bossman

    I don’t think that is at all bad!! And it saves me doing it for a few days!

  2. Alex

    I thought being able to draw a perfect circle was a sign of madness – hence I gave up trying!!!!

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