Cuphea cyanea

Sometimes it comes to your attention that you have a natural affinity, dare I say talent, for something you have previously overlooked.  This week I have discovered a skill for locating ants nests.  I have hit both red and black ant nests wherever I have been working in the garden, at least twice daily if not more.  On the whole I have no argument with ants they cause us little damage.  This is notwithstanding their “gentleman farmer” custom of milking the greenfly which is sucking at the rose buds whilst defending them and then taking a couple of aphid cows as a quick snack.  When I accidently direct-hit a nest I must admit, in a Reality TV way, I am mesmerised by the reaction.  In true Titanic style it is woman and children first as the queen escapes and the plebs carry off the eggs to safety.  I can almost hear them saying “I can’t believe it she’s done it again.”.

I didn’t have a picture of an ant so above is Cuphea cyanea which has little or nothing to do with them.  This lovely little cigar flower from Mexico struggles through every winter and this year has taken even longer to recover.  As you can see it is in flower at last and will hopefully continue until the autumn.  Upwards and onwards.


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