Bench One

We have seven benches in the garden. It is important for people to have somewhere to sit down and contemplate, whether it be on the garden or the meaning of life.   It irritates me when people rush around and I often want to say “Have you really looked?  Go back and try harder you must have missed so much.”  I love it when the thermos and sandwiches come out,  I mean you’ve paid your money (possibly) you might as well make the most of it.  Take time to absorb the atmosphere and enjoy the view.  These benches also serve as creches for those who (to me bizarrely) would prefer to read the paper whilst their partners tour the garden. 

This bench is situated just inside the main gate and is very popular with visitors and workers alike.  After the climb up the hill it is an ideal location to sit and read the laminate and decide on which way to go.  Often people ask me, where should I begin?  I usually say, there is no route, by all means go around twice, but I would never give up the high ground.   As it is situated just at the bottom of the potting shed steps it is also a good place for the gardeners and bosspeople to sit and take stock and perhaps do a little contemplating themselves.


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