Potentilla “Volcan” – Cinquefoil

This potentilla is planted in our BLN bed adjacent to Bench One, in fact you can glimpse said bench in the top right of the photo.  I would love to say that this gorgeous plant was purchased by design but this is not the case.  The idea was to get a yellow potentilla to fit into the herbaceous colour scheme.  This plant arrived and was innocently planted.  As the dark buds swelled we watched with growing doubt, wondering how they would produce yellow flowers.  Well of course they never did as it was the wrong plant.  The blooms are the deepest sanguine red and though plant descriptions mention a yellow eye I have yet to see one. When I informed the nursery I was asked “are you sure”.  Yes.   Anyway it was a happy mistake as it is beautiful and very popular with visitors who always say “is it a strawberry?.  Apparently potentillas differ from the strawberry by having dry inedible fruit and are sometimes known as the Barren Strawberry.  

In heraldry cinquefoil represented loyalty, strength, power and honour.  As I am secretly a bit of Trekkie and (logically) I especially love Spock this seems most appropriate (ok wrong spelling of Vulcan but lets not get picky).



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8 responses to “Potentilla “Volcan” – Cinquefoil

  1. Bossman

    I do love your blog! I find out so much about the garden, and your tone is great – always a great read!
    I have kept meaning to ask about this particular plant – it is spectacular.

  2. s abbas

    i have been looking for potentilla volcan for few years now, saw it in bosvigio house for the first time. The plant i got two years ago from an online nursery has turned out to be some other variety, not volcan !!

  3. sabbas

    wrong one again. This one has bright red single flower!

    • Its a minefield out there! Just checked again and most of the site photos look like our Volcan, but a couple disagree. Whatever its name it is a lovely plant and I hope you like it too.

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