Libertia peregrinans – New Zealand Iris

This libertia is another New Zealand plant that seems totally at home at Cliffe.  It is planted in the lawn beds which is one of the most exposed areas of the garden as it is fully at the mercy of northerly winds, and believe me we have a few of those!  Its striped yellow and green leaves give us year round colour and it looks especially splendid with the dark leaves of Aster laterifolius “Lady in Black”  growing behind it.  In spring it produces panicles of small white saucer-shaped flowers, reminding us that it is not in fact a grass but a member of the iris family.



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4 responses to “Libertia peregrinans – New Zealand Iris

  1. Alex

    How spooky is that – Only today I was discussing a clients rather sickly looking Libertia grandiflora. Trying to decide what to do with it. Thinking cap on!

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