Girls on Tour

Today Bosswoman, Hero and myself all piled into the company charabanc and headed off for a day of research and professional development (sometimes known as a “jolly”) to Cheristow Lavender near Hartland.  We left Lee in blazing sunshine and reached the nursery in thick sea mist which was soon to become drizzle.  It would take a lot more than a spot of rain to dampen our lavender ardour.  The rows of assorted varieties in the show garden were stunning, our only complaint was that there was no labelling so we couldn’t add to our extensive and delusional “Wish List”.  The tea room (award-winning) was great and we were treated to a wonderful lunch (thanks BW) which included Lemon and Lavender Cake and Chocolate Brownies.  All in all a lovely day.  Now there was something else I can’t quite remember ……..

You don’t really think we left without buying any plants do you?



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3 responses to “Girls on Tour

  1. the hero

    had a lovely day in heaven thanks girls! suberb lavender farm just would liked to have had one of all of them really..

  2. Bossman

    So, that’s what the mice get up to when the cat is away!

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