It’s War Baby!

There will be no pretty pictures today.  I am not in a pretty mood.  The deer have moved on and found the Fragrant Cloud rose bed.  This is sacrilege and will not be tolerated.  These roses are more than 40 years old and have the most wonderful scent.  In theory I don’t like rose beds but in practice I have a sentimental attachment to these plants and they are spoilt rotten.  Now I have the ultimate assailant.  I have had to resort to chemical warfare.  Yesterday I was a foolish innocent who thought that a bit of garlic spray would put them off, it worked very nicely on the blackfly, well these gallic monsters laughed in my face.  At least it will be easier to identify the culprits as they will have stinky breath.  Today I am a hardened adversary and I have resorted to sticks tied with tape dunked in Jeyes fluid.  I hate Jeyes fluid.  I have history with Jeyes fluid.  In a former life I was involved in a project to contain a site contaminated with the evil stuff.  We have an industrial sized tin left over from pre-me days and I glare at it every time I see it, promising myself to dispose of it in a safe manner.  Today, I am loath to admit,  it has come in useful and I excuse myself by saying it will not be in contact with the soil.  So helped by my lovely assistant I placed these loaded bamboo canes at relevant places around the garden. The stench certainly put me off and gave me a headache, if this doesn’t work the deer may get more than a sore head!



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4 responses to “It’s War Baby!

  1. Alex

    I’ll lend you my JRT in exchange for your JFT!

  2. tus

    Do you want more curry powder posted down?

  3. medlarfairy

    time to release the hounds?

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