Bench Three

This is the forgotten bench.  Yes its true I miscounted, there are in fact eight benches in the garden.  Strange I can usually get to ten without making a mistake.  This one is a simple local slate seat situated underneath an enormous pittosporum.  It has no back so you can face either out towards the sea or inwards into what we call the Cherry Tree Bed.  This is a shady area , especially once the cherry has leaved up in the spring.  It has a main backbone of camelias but been quite tricky to plant otherwise. Now we have some good specimens who seem quite content in this environment such as a Hydrangea quercifolia, astrantia, Dicentra “Bacchanal” and “Langtrees”, Impatiens omeiana and Bergenia ciliata.  Some, such as the Geranium procurrrens and the Symphytum ibericum, need a little reining in occasionally which we don’t mind as it is easily done.  It has been a case of “suck it and see” in this area and mainly they have tasted pretty sweet.

One day last year I sat for 10 minutes on this bench watching a pigeon resting on the telegraph wire whilst a kestrel perched on the telegraph post, they were at most a metre apart, seemingly oblivious to one another.  I wonder who moved first.  Well it was me actually but you know what I mean.


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