Sound (and vision)

July12 (1024x768)It was very windy today in the garden.  Generally I like the wind, it reminds me of my childhood in Cornwall– leaning into the wind at scary angles in even scarier locations.  However in the garden it is not always welcome.  On the plus side it helps prevent frost formation, air flow is good for disease control and what can be better than a gentle summer breeze on a hot day (yes I can remember how it felt).  Apart from the obvious damage to plants, both structurally and by the cold northerlies in spring, it is also extremely hard to work in.  Everything has to be battened down to avoid having to run down the road after your hat/gloves/plants, weeds usually expertly aimed into trugs get blown off course (I can sympathise with the golfers) and what is more it is darned noisy!

This Dahlia is called Miss Eileen.  It has flowered today for the first time, is splendid and certainly a vision.   It is also orange.


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  1. Alex

    Appropriately it looks just like a childs windmill toy.


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