Taste (in the best possible)

The last couple of days we have been working flat-out in the vegetable garden.  It had all got a bit out of hand what with concentrating on Mr Nikon’s arrival and other excuses I can’t think of a the moment.  It is the hottest part of the cultivated garden and after today both myself and Hero can vouch for this.  In fact this afternoon we had to escape to cooler climes due to overheating gaskets.  We have achieved a lot with wayward peas and beans tied in, masses of weeding and sowing of late catch crops.  I harvested broad beans, peas, mange-tout and climbing french beans yesterday and had a brilliant “Medley of Cliffe Legumes” for our tea.  You can’t beat it, truly.

Above is a picture of Hemerocallis and Astilbe on our herbaceous border, both unnamed.  Hemerocallis buds are allegedly edible, but whether they are tasty enough to warrant the loss of such a beautiful flower is debatable.  At great risk to our well-being myself and Hero (no she really wanted to be included in this research) tested this delicacy today.  To be honest it was very delicate, a little bit radishy but not a lot to shout about, perhaps we needed a dressing.  Anyway no ill effects yet but if there is no blog tomorrow you will know why!


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