Agapanthus “Windlebrooke”

Just like today Friday was a rainy day.  I’m not sure what came over me but I decided it would be a golden opportunity to maintain the strimmer, I know, bizarre but true.  In true female fashion I first found the manual and studied carefully before commencing work.  First grease gear box – find gear box, check, find place to administer grease, check, untighten screw ……….. couldn’t find appropriate tool so moved on to air filter.  Turn choke to mid position, check, locate screw to remove side casing, check, untighten screw ………. are you getting the picture? After trying most tools in the potting shed (excluding hammer) I waterproofed up and bravely ventured out into the storm to find Bossman’s aladdins cave of tools and came back triumphant.  Well for approximately 2 minutes until I realised that none of the screwdrivers, allen keys etc I had discovered fitted either.  There was only one thing for it, I had resisted until there were no other options, I reached for the big red Bazphone.  In a matter of hours Superbaz returned the call with promises of a special Stihl tool (should have been supplied with the machine) and special Stihl grease (should have been supplied).  Wall building guru, step construction genius, fueled only by mega sized pack lunches supplemented by rhubarb and custard sweeties.  Baz we applaud you!

Picture above is of Agapanthus “Windlebrooke”.  It is deciduous so tends to be more hardy than the evergreen plants and has deepest violet blue flowers.   Agapanthus originate from Southern Africa so its common name Lily of the Nile is wrong on two counts, it is not in the lily family and it’s not from the Nile.  You can’t trust anyone these days.


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  1. Bosswoman

    Any excuse.

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