At Cliffe we do not tolerate hacking.  It is not acceptable in any circumstances.

We consider careful pruning a much better option.  Uncontrolled hacking leads to ragged untidy plants, the ends liable to die-back which in turn may lead to infection. 

Today Hero and myself carefully trimmed our Clematis armandii. 

As previously recorded it is rampant and from time to time needs to be forcibly restrained, but with love.   It was threatening to block our way up the potting shed steps and more importantly to cover the entrance fee money box.   After seven packed sheets of prunings  (all carried up the steps to the vegetable garden compost bins), latterly in the pouring rain, we were finished.  Its skirts had been lifted and years of dead leaves and other debris raked out from underneath.  A healthy dollop of mushroom compost mulched its newly discovered base.  Sure it looks a bit yellow but these leaves haven’t seen the light of day for an eon.  It wont take long to buck up and hopefully give us another wonderful flower display.  That is if we didn’t inadvertently cut through one of the main arteries.



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2 responses to “Hacking

  1. Bossman

    And I thought that hacking was definitely the flavour of the month (in the media anyway). It was a near thing that I did not hack this one weekend when alone in the garden after 4pm!

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