Salvia “Phyllis’ Fancy”

An unusual day today, in a good way.  I suppose the fact it was a brilliant summer’s day was strange in itself.  Jobs included, tying up onion tops in a decorative manner, washing and playing snap with potatoes, making lists, searching for body parts (vegetable monster),  entertaining visitors, amending lists, disposing of dead mole, counting runner beans, looking for buckets in odd corners and, some might say, the most unusual of all blitzing the potting shed.  All in preparation for the big Village Show preparation tomorrow.  We will take all the manicured veg and pot plants to the Village Hall tomorrow afternoon.  The rest of the 38 entries will be taken down Thursday morning, all to be arranged before 9.00am.  Then the wait………..

This Salvia “Phyllis’ Fancy” is a plant that we bought last week on our trip to Samford Shrubs.  It was a stroke of luck to find it at the nursery as it had been on the wish list for the Family Border. Very pretty.  I am very fond of salvias.


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