Acca sellowiana – Guavasteen

This South American evergreen shrub is called Acca sellowiana which is much easier to pronounce than its previous name of Feijoa.  It can grow to 3m x 3m but very slowly and I would imagine in conducive conditions.  At the rate it is growing at the moment it is nothing any of us need worry about.  As it is a warm-temperate to sub-tropical plant it is unlikely to fruit with us, added to the fact that it needs a “friend” to pollinate it, but if it did it would produce Pineapple Guavas which sound very tempting and are apparently very popular in New Zealand.   I can confirm that the flowers are tasty, I don’t however eat the ones on our plant as we haven’t got many.  I have sneaked a taste in an undisclosed local garden centre garden which had loads and I was led astray (lemming).

Totally mad day today with the prospect of a hectic early morning tomorrow.  Took most of the veggies down to the Village Hall this afternoon, our poor little beetroot and potatoes dwarved by hulking great things.  Mini-veg are really in this year aren’t they?  Lets hope the judge has his finger on the pulse.  Thank goodness the VFS is only once a year!



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4 responses to “Acca sellowiana – Guavasteen

  1. Alex

    Best of Luck today!

  2. mum

    never mind the veg what about HEROS FLOWER arrangement?

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