Oranges and Lemons

A hot and humid day in the garden today spent trying to get back on track, thinking like gardeners instead of exhibitors.  Buckets of unused flowers and trays of vegetables marked “rejects” had to be consoled and distributed to ensure they were not wasted.  More picking of peas and beans and sweetpeas and lots and lots of watering.  It is hard to believe but water tanks are already getting lower and lower.   I also strained and bottled previously brewed comfrey tea and made a new batch.  This was met by much nose curling by Hero, the most sensitive nose in the west.  Luckily I am at the moment the least sensitive nose, so an ideal job for me.

This is a photo of Hero’s award-winning flower arrangement and to be honest it doesn’t do it justice.  In fact it is a rubbish photo but it is the thought that counts (apologies to H). Final results – 3 cups at the Village Show, we are a little vague as to what they are all for but amongst them are most points overall (which we all know mean prizes) and probably best cut flowers.  We really should pay more attention.  All together now “We are the champions, we are the champions ..”  Did I say never again?


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  1. Alex

    Well done Team Cliffe!

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