Today the Bosses went off to an auction of architectural paraphernalia in deepest Devon.   This was not their first excursion to said auction house.  On one of their trips they returned having purchased three enormous planters, four urns, two granite troughs, a swing seat and a pair of giant’s earrings (one of these is pictured above).  We have had near misses with life-size pirates and polar bears.   In fairness they all look lovely planted up and I even feel the polar bear and pirates were a missed opportunity (great in the woods).  I have especially warmed to these very ornate hanging baskets, they are certainly not something you would find in B & Q.  They look great here simply planted up with two colours of trailing begonias and two colours of lobelia. 

With mixed emotions I later discovered they had come back empty-handed.


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  1. mum

    never mind there is always another time. i agree with you that the earring looks spectacular. i must check with B&Q just in case

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