Bench Five

This is Bench Five , the lucky bench, which has been very popular today. It was a stunner of a day and we had lots of visitors (some rather late but what the heck).  As this bench is situated under a large Holm Oak, Quercus ilex, it is one of the shadier places in the garden and people were taking advantage to cool down.   It looks back past the sundial and lawn towards the entrance.   If you look closely at the lawn you can see the outline of rose beds.  These beds would have been initially dug out of the poor shillet and rich soil imported in its place, with lots of muck I would imagine, before the roses were planted.  Years, if not decades, later the grass still grows noticeably greener and faster in those places. 

I worked mainly in the vegetable garden today, lots of weeding and clearing and planting out the final (extremely optimistic) sowing of sweet peas.  We will have flowers to salute the Indian Summer.  Eventually a combination of horse flies and heat drove me into the shadows where I chopped down the spent foxgloves and on my winding journey to the compost distributed their seed about the garden. 

This bench is a very blessed bench.  This is due to it being situated directly underneath a roosting perch.


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