Bossman had a bonfire today.  We try to keep our fires to a minimum, we compost and shred as much as we can but a pile of weed roots, diseased plant material and other baddies eventually forms.  This afternoon as I walked through the garden I noticed a couple of visitors at the bonfire site taking photos.  The dappled sun was shining through smoke rising from the fire creating a beautiful and very atmospheric scene.  The young woman said to me “It was serendipity that brought us here”.  I liked the sound of that.



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3 responses to “Serendipity

  1. Alex

    Me too!

    Another great atmospheric pic!

  2. Susanna Winters

    That was me! Yes, it did seem serendipidous finding this gem of a garden, and the smoke and dappled sun combination was just the icing on the cake! We have some photos just like the above! While I’m here I must say I was most taken with the giant earrings and would certainly have snapped them up if I’d seen them – you lucky things!
    Will tell all our friends about the garden, and hope to come back again.
    Mark & Susanna
    P.S Hope that beautiful rose pink hydrangea does well!

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