Belamacanda chinensis – Blackberry Lily/Leopard Lily

I don’t believe we have featured any orange flowers for a while.  This is Belamacanda chinensis and is a member of the iris family.  We grew this plant and its compadres from seed, they germinate easily and these flowered in their second year.  As far as hardiness goes we gave it a token mulch last year and it seems to be none the worse off for our arctic winter.  However the young plants weren’t too happy on the exposed lawn beds this spring and had to be whisked back to the safety and shelter of their mothers arms at the garden entrance.  It is commonly known as both Blackberry Lily because of its shiny black seeds which are exposed when the capsule explodes and Leopard Lily due to its groovy animal print frock.  As the powers-that-be would have it, it is now apparently going to be called Iris domestica.  How dull!  Not a patch on its orignal exotic name.  For the meantime, in the independent state of Cliffe, we will continue to call it Belamacanda chinenis.


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