What no soil!

This gravity defying tuber belongs to Cyclamen hederifolium.   In the same family as the primrose, Primulaceae, and originating in the Mediterranean, North Africa and Western Asia these cyclamen grow in the wild amongst tree roots and rocks in the mountains and coastal regions.    As you can see it is growing happily on the strip bed beneath the inappropriately planted “cuckoo in the nest”  Juniperus squamata “Meyeri”.  The thing I find most fascinating about these plants is how after pollination the flower stems coil as the fruit swells and injects the seed pods into ground.  Here it either germinates to produce a new plant or is naturally dispersed by ants, and we have plenty of them.


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  1. mum

    under the circumstances you have done well thanks for the effort
    as you know i am your number one Blog fan.

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