Wonderful Wellies

You can’t beat a good pair of wellies.  These however are not a good pair.  They are a good colour and fit but they have a fundamental flaw, one of them lets in water.  It is a sneaky slow puncture which you only discover when you have soggy socks.  They should do repair kits for wellies just like bicycles, it seems a shame to discard a pair just because of a little leak.  I will continue to wear them and get a wet foot until I get around to buying some new ones.  This isn’t straightforward as there are so many choices to be made –  what colour, plain or patterned, cheap or expensive?  If I didn’t know that scientifically it was bunkum I could blame soggy socks on my present state of health ie pathetically poorly and therefore off work and miserable.



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2 responses to “Wonderful Wellies

  1. Bosswoman

    No wonder you’re poorly – fancy letting your feet get wet and doing nothing about it. Generations of people have died nasty lingering deaths thanks to letting their feet get wet. Peggy would feel the same.

  2. the hero

    think it must be deer wearing our wellies when we not there as mine have leaks aswell..they are certainly leaving footprints everywhere!!

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