Today a Delphinium Saved My Life

We need days like today.  We need them so that we can have the really great days.  It’s all about balance.  The first signs of doom were not subtle – lost internet connection mid e-mail and a broken watch.  Down hill from then on really.   I am loath to go on and on about the deer.  How in the week since I was last at work they have ravaged the garden, stomping, munching and pooping on their relentless march of destruction.  So we had a day of remedial work, cutting back their left-overs, creating Heath Robinson contraptions, concocting strange brews and hiring at great expense (I think we agreed on a pound of sausages) The Dusk Patrol.  

Only good thing in the whole wide (my) world was this Delphinium.  Pretty damn good though.


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