Bad Hair Day

There are two types of plant in the garden.  Those that were there before I arrived and those that have been planted since. This may sound like stating the bloomin obvious but it is a little more complicated than it first appears. For the past 5 years I have had pretty much full control of the choice of planting at Cliffe. The plants that were insitu when I arrived had been chosen by previous gardeners/owners and of course are not all varieties that I would naturally be drawn to. I know less about these plants and in some instances I don’t even know their true name. The fate of these plants has been three-fold. Some I love, cherish, have adopted as one of my own and are therefore treated with the same respect. Some have taken longer to become attached to but have wheedled their way into my affections, for example the mophead hydrangeas, and are treated with non-committal care. Some are non-starters and have been eliminated (compost heap) with only a smidgeon of guilt, I paraphrase, “if a plant offends you pluck it out”. Stipa tenuissima or Feather Grass is definitely in the first category. It is incredibly tactile and its silky locks are impossible to walk past without a quick fondle.



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2 responses to “Bad Hair Day

  1. Alex

    Anyone else not getting the pictures?

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