Echinops – Globe Thistle

A mixed day.  Beautiful sunny morning, lots of plans for the day and then the rain came.  Not sure how long a shower can last to still be called a shower but this would definitely be classed as a mega-shower lasting a couple of hours with several peaks and troughs .  So it was Plan B.  Hero had fun in the greenhouse, pampering the (mostly) uninspiring pot plants we inherited from previous owners and managed to recycle at least one of them.   I did a similar job on the potted bulbs in the outside frame which had been overrun by evening primrose, dandelion and teasel seedlings.  In amongst the pots I found the remnants of a little bird.  All that remained was a skeleton with feathers still in place, like a fossil without the rock.  Quite sad, but quite intriguing.  It also shows how long it has been since anyone has tidied that area!

The sun came out in the afternoon and myself and Bossman went treking in the woods looking for deer entry points and distributing our anti-deer arsenal.  This consisted of a combination of science (Jeyes Fluid) and witchcraft (little bags full of crushed garlic cloves and lavender).  It is a wonderful wilderness and I can’t blame any animal for feeling secure and happy up there.  We then, supervised by Bosswoman, dug up the last of the potatoes and after a poor start in the potato spearing competition Bossman triumphed with four impaled at the same time, what a champ!



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2 responses to “Echinops – Globe Thistle

  1. mum

    re yesterdays blog all is forgiven todays effort shows you have rallied i hope you have success with the deer deterent i still feel you need a couple of scarecrows

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