Compost Central

Is this function or is it art?  Both of course.  This is a shot of some of our beautiful compost bins.  In the last few years we have erected fourteen of these little beauties all around the garden, all made from builder’s pallets.  The idea is that compost is available on the same level as it is required, remember terraced garden and feeble gardeners!  Of course this doesn’t always work as sometimes there is mature stuff in one area and not another, so a tin of spinach has to be broken into and barrow loads have to be transported up and down dale.  Today we turned and sorted two of the areas.  I did the above area, known as the lower or bonfire site (imagination bypass) and Hero worked on the middle bins.   These are shouting distance apart up an extremely steep bank so we compared quality as we forked.  It was hard work but very satisfying digging out the scrumptious black stuff that we can’t get enough of.  I am always fearful that I will spear someone by mistake as they are a haven for toads, frogs and slow worms but today just lovely juicy worms.



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2 responses to “Compost Central

  1. the hero

    worryingly no worms in my bin! in my area must have done their job, moved on, very well fed!?

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