Jungle Fever

I know I shouldn’t really have favorites but hard luck this one is mine!  This border is called the Road Bank (I know we are really going to have to get a little more creative with these titles) and is very dear to my heart.  This was the first border I created at Cliffe.  It is full of the exotic and tender, living on the edge of possibilities and using “pushing your luck” plants.  We aren’t quite as reckless as I imply.  We take cuttings for back up where appropriate, in autumn we dig up some, for example the Dahlia coccinea, and mulch the others with a thick layer of bracken.  After the harsh winter it starts to slowly pull itself up by its bootstraps and by the end of August is looking its “I never doubted you” wonderful best.  Caulteya, Hedychium, Sparmannia and Brugmansia, poetry.  Is it worth all the heartache for a few weeks of glory, you bet it is!


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