Kayaking to Lundy

My favorite time in the working day is first thing in the morning.  The drive into work is quiet, usually meeting only the paper lady, the paddle surfer after his dawn escapades and maybe an early school run.  This all in stark contrast at this time of year to the frenzied trip home.   This morning was different.  The car park in the Bay was half full instead of my own private domain and the front was bustling with wetsuited kayakers and their audience armed with cameras and videos.   It transpires it was the launch of a sponsored kayak to Lundy, estimated time of arrival 6 hours later.  I wished them luck and walked up the hill to spy on the start of their adventure from the Tennis Court lawn.  The sea looked beautiful and calm, I waved, though I don’t think they noticed, and hoped they had remembered to pack their sandwiches.


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