Birthday Rose

It was Bosswoman’s birthday today.  Hero picked her a lovely bunch of her own flowers and we sang, in a fashion.  Later BW, BM, Hero, The Medlar Fairy, Lucyloo and myself all hiked up to the stone circle and made wild plans and explored some more.  The rest of the day was equally pleasant, both hard work (cutting back herbaceous borders and mulching which involved extreme wheelbarrowing of compost) and fun (interesting, appreciative and funny visitors which involved lots of laughter).

This rose was meant to be white, that’s what it said on the label.  In this shot it looks very pale but is in fact a delicate but definite yellow.  I suppose you can’t complain when you pay £5 for three plants.  The deer are yet to find this little gem, maybe it isn’t very tasty.  It is however very pretty with that perfect boss of petals in the centre and as Bosswoman loves roses an ideal celebration of her birthday.



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2 responses to “Birthday Rose

  1. medlarfairy

    My mother (Queen of the Fairies) has Birthday Rose in her garden and it is most definitely a creamy yellow, but very beautiful!

  2. Bosswoman

    A lovely birthday blog photo. thank you.

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