Dianthus superbus

A perfect day for seed collection.  After a misty start the sun came out and everything dried up beautifully.   Seed pods all over the garden are poised ready, as nature designed them, to explode and catapult their contents far and wide.  The trick is to try to catch some of these, save some for ourselves and pass some on, aware that some may have seeded themselves in the vicinity.  I often tell visitors asking after certain plants to feel free to help themselves to seed, redistribution of our wealth.  Some are more difficult to collect than others, such as the eschscholtzia which are a little like catching the breeze.  This year we are going send some of our seed for official distribution, the Hardy Plant Society have provided us with lots of interesting plants in the past so now it is pay back time.  I also have a friend from Cannington who has started her own seed swap and we will be sending her some.

This Dianthus superbus was given to us last year by local gardening friends and has thrived in its too shady position.  Very sensitive to rain it rapidly looks like a wet dog after a shower but ultimately seems none the worse for its frequent August dunkings.  It is covered in seed pods and today I collected plenty, with lots more to follow.  There has to come a time when you say let’s stop dead heading, stop telling it to produce more blooms, give this plant a rest before the winter and let the seed develop.  Then we can have strong plants to overwinter and the potential for ourselves and others of lots more of the same wonderful blooms.


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